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IG Extended: Brink Interview w/ Paul Wedgwood (Splash Damage)

Looking forward to this game more and more.

Indie games are everywhere but the good ones are few and far in between. Here's a list of some that I've found, mostly zombie related for some strange reason. =) Feel free to send me links of other awesome games.

One Chance: A unique yet bleak game with a very retro feel. Multiple paths and endings. Can you find the cure?

Road of the Dead: A fun first-person car vs zombie vs soldier experience with a skill point system.

I am an insane AI robot: An awesome flash game where you play a, umm, insane AI. Can you take over the buildings without killing the humans or take them all out? Features a skill based system.

Rebuild: You control a band of survivors where you defend your base against zombies, scavenge for food, recruit new survivors and take over adjacent buildings in order to survive. Can you beat your friends high-score?

Organ Trail: No, not a typo. This is an awesome game based on the old Oregon Trail where you and your friends travel across America while dealing with food, medical, ammo and car supplies while avoiding zombies, bandits and dysentery Mmm, dysentery.

If you have links and ideas to share please feel free and I'll give you props for it.