Friday, November 11, 2011

Intro to Skyrim, Bleak Falls Barrow and the Golden Claw Quest Part 1

Sup everyone! I know most of you have played Skyrim at midnight and might've already seen this part, but for those who haven't and want to get an idea of how Skyrim plays and looks like, I made a video of the first dungeon near the town after the tutorial. You get the quest from a trade in town who lost a golden dragon's claw by some bandits who've discovered a secret about it. 

So far I'm findin
g this game fantastic, a nice improvement and tweaks from the other Elder Scrolls games. Same races are involved, just about the same racial bonus' as well. The char I'm playing is a Wood Elf archer/thief.

The vid has some good action, tips on what to keep an eye out for, tricks during battle, exploration/drooling over the environment and other gameplay helpful tips.

This is also part 1 of 3, I'll post the others in this thread. Leave a comment if you liked it! =D

Here`s part 2. Getting deeper inside and finding out that this place holds some interesting secrets, and guests, inside. Just got to keep it cool and delve deeper! Sneaky sneaky sir. Veeeery sneaky. =)

and the finale! After all of the crawling and undead bashing, I find an interesting puzzle and something really amazing and dangerous behind it. Go check it! You know you wanna! =)

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