Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dragon Age 2 demo review

Blood, sweat and tears. You can tell that’s what Bioware’s team put into Dragon Age 2 and that’s also what you get from your enemies in this visceral sequel to an epic rpg. Now I recently played the demo and I already knew what to expect from the veteran developer: A well-crafted story that is delivered through an amazing script and cut-scenes which I enjoy the most since it’s made with in-game graphics and speaking of graphics Bioware has upped their ante again. Now when it comes to fun that is up to the eye of the beholder, we are speaking of an epic game that will take time to unfold with lots of side quests, rich character development and from dying often as the game is not gentle if you don’t know how to play and use the pause button liberally. Now when I put blood in the forefront at the beginning it’s because you will get your fill of it and then some. At one point as I paused after dispatching a Hurloc which is your basic infantry and newly remodelled from the first Dragon Age to look like an s&m fan (just a lot more creepy and scary than normal) and noted the blood just floating in the air, just glistening like  water hit by the sun. Now yes that is dark but so is the game and it delivers in spades with the violence and the choices your character has to face.The demo gives you a decent taste of all three classes, fighter, mage and rogue with a handfull of impressive abilities So for any fan of games like Mass Effect, Jade Empire. Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur’s Gate or fans of the first Dragon Age then I welcome you home, for the others, have your mommy or daddy hold your hand, you might squirm a little.

A small side spoiler. For you item collecting fans EA offers many ways to gather some. As the e-mail with the demo says that if 1 million people download the demo then two books loaded with poems and lore about the world will be included. Also if you beat the demo while you’re connected on their servers you will unlock an extra sword AND on top of that if you haven’t gotten any other items from your pre-order (varies from your source) you can collect an amusing belt called Hindsight from the Dragon Age website via the Penny-Arcade video link which I encourage you to watch. =)

Oh and anyone else who played the demo noticed something different from the interrogator from the beginning of the demo and the end video after you finished it?

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