Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WoW dungeon finder = The new Xbox Live? The disappearance of social gathering and communication in LFG instances.

WoW, far they've went, not that I'm complaining about all of the great things and how far this game has gone, the implementation of many popular add-ons, lots of tv/movie cult references in the game along with it's phase quests where it actually looks and feels like your questions are doing something within the world. Last but not least, the dungeon finder, an amazing tool for those who are tired of spamming in the cities or waiting for your guildmates to get ready and finish eating supper or putting the kids to bed. what cost? I never noticed it myself until recently on how people who use the dungeon finder often act, especially in the higher lv content and especially the heroics. It was almost a flashback to Xbox Live with the rage quitting, the immature comments on how you're skills are and how there's little patience for error.
Now don't get me wrong, I've met many great people on it but often I get reminded of my experiences with Call of Duty players. I think what really irks people is that you wait 15-40mins to join with a group of strangers and see that communication is very lacking (again not always but often), people refer to you by your role instead of your name, no words beyond Hello and wtf are you doing, which all can be avoided if people took the time to get their intel straight and ensure people are all on the same page, especially on boss battles. It's a bit of a reflection of how society and the next generation of players are changing the scene, gone are the bantering in the channels as most filter them from the constant spam, gone is the friendship of a hard fought battle won as people are gone just as quick as they came, yes you can add them to your friends list now thanks to RealID but you cannot add them before you enter an instance which makes things a little difficult. 
So I leave you with this one phrase. Yes things are easier to do now in wow, quests, instances and gear are easier than ever to get but at what cost? 

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