Thursday, February 17, 2011

You still Don't Know Jack and you really don't if you cheat at this game

Memorieeeeees...flashback to Windows 3.1 and 95 when I first heard and started playing this weird trivia game where it spends more time insulting your knowledge rather than informing you and blasting you with it's hilarious off kilt humor. From the mouths of their various hosts that spanned the course of the series from Nate Shapiro, Schmitty and the popular Cookie (there's a whole lot more but you'll need to play all of the add-ons and games to hear them all) and from the commercials you hear in the background (my favourite so far is the Best of Zombie songs, A+ to the writers for making so many commercials as well). So if you were a fan of the original then you shall not be disappointed as they haven't changed their style nor their bald headed mascot on the cover of the game, though some of you might wish the game was as long as the previous which was varied from 7 to 21 questions, a solid 10 is perfect for today's ADD generation.
With the bucket load of episodes they also guarantee that you won't run into the same question in awhile unless you choose to and the varied styles of questions from DisOrDat, Fortune Cookie, Funky Trash and so forth. The game keeps you on your toes with witty to low-brow humour while still sharing interesting facts about things you may or may not know. The game can be challenging and confusing at first as they they’re often take two subjects and mix them together to form the question along with the multiples answers can keep you guessing until the timer runs out, thankfully for those moments you can always choose to "screw" your opponent with, yes, a screw which forces them to answer the question and can leave you sated or perforated.

The added multiplayer is nice as well if you can't convince your friends to come over and take a verbal beating from you and/or the game as they really don't hold back when informing you of your lack of trivia knowledge, they really do have an impressive amount ranging from pop culture, history, science, sports and things you never thing of or know unless you're an info junkie. Just hopefully they can manage to keep the online aspect from being spoiled with cheaters who look up the info online but really you shouldn't let that get to you as you should be playing the game to challenge yourself and be proud you don't end the game with a huge deficit (though there is an achievement for hitting a particular negative amount, you might just want to create another name just so it won't affect your score).


But! Always remember though...YOU DON'T KNOW JACK!

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